This week, with the debut of our “What’s on My Workbench” segment; listeners get an unprecedented look at the projects current under development in the respective Regular Joes secret laboratories. You will want to check out the accompanying images on Instagram. Also on tap are the usual Random Topics…with another segue into what has proven to be the most divisive subject we have hit upon, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Shifting to the less controversial “Star” franchise, another week of Discovery has brought with it more disclosures than we were likely ready for. Lastly we have What’s on the Box. Thanks for Listening!

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In the words of the late, great Tom Petty, “the waaaaaaaiting is the hardest part.” This week the Regular Joes add three long awaited 1/6 scale items to their collections and take time out to tell you about them. First up, from 2016’s Avengers: Age of Ultron it’s Iron Man’s HulkBuster Armor. More than two years in development the “figure” is biggest, heaviest and most ambitious Hot Toys has produced to date. Next, the QMx Star Trek figures have been a hit with The Regular Joes, this week they each add the iconic Captain’s chair from the bridge of the NCC-1701 to their respective shelves. And lastly, from 1989, and the far flung future of 2015, it’s Marty McFly from Back to the Future 2 Hover-board and all. Find out what is noticeably missing from this figure and what Barry does about it. All this, plus the usual regular Random Topics and weekly recap of Star Trek Discovery. Thanks for listening!

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Star Trek Discovery is Back, a new batch of Black Mirror has dropped, and the first season of Seth McFarlane’s The Orville has wrapped. Simply put, there’s a whole lot of Trekin goin on. Black Mirror’s U.S.S. Callister episode infuses social commentary into a familiar sixties sci-fi setting, The Orville (in a full reverse from our first impression) has boldly gone where no series has gone before, and Discovery goes deep on Star Trek canon. Find out where the Regular Joes come down on all this, plus a handful of Random Topics, and a round of What’s in the Box. Warning: this episode contains hypothetical postulations on spacial and temporal phenomena as applied to totally make-believe astrophysics. Thanks for Listening!

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After a holiday week hiatus the Regular Joe’s are back to take one last look at 2017 in the rearview mirror. With the caveat, more or less, that each can only pick three, Barry, Dave and Tod offer up their favorite films, TV shows, collectibles, projects, and a few other fairly random things from the year that was. Also, although we did not actually produce a show last week we did record our live, in person, gift exchange at the Annual Regular Joes Podcast Holiday party, which we have included at no extra charge. Note: this podcast contains continued abuse of one host over his take on The Last Jedi and may be disturbing to persons clinging to similar perspectives. Happy New Year and Thanks for Listening!

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