Dave is on vacation this week but still manages to check in as the Regular Joes talk about Black Panther. Marvel Studios first film of its second decade is breaking box office records and wowing both fans and critics. Not surprisingly reactions from the home team run the gamut from “really liked it” to “loved it.” Find out exactly why, and how Marvel elevated another second string property from semi-obscurity to a national sensation. Also: Tod bottoms out his DVR, and finally catches up on Walking Dead…though he’s still not quite sure. Thanks for Listening!

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After a controversial, and by most accounts uneven freshmen season, Star Trek Discovery wraps up with a wow moment few expected. Hear what the Regular Joes thought about the show and what they hope to see in year two. It seems there’s a surplus of Sci Fi offerings these days. This week we check out Netflix’s cyberpunk noir offering Altered Carbon. Also included, a few choice Random Topics, and round of What’s in The Box. Thanks for Listening!

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Last week Tod expressed doubt about the existence of Solo: A Star Wars Story. In response Disney stepped up, releasing first a teaser, then a trailer proving conclusively that they really do have just under 2 minutes of usable film in the can. Find out what the Regular Joes think about Solo (both the trailer and the casting) as well as the prospect of yet another slate of Star Wars films, and updated teasing about a live action SW TV series. Also included, a round of Show And Tell where Barry and Tod share a few treasured items from their childhoods, and Dave Demonstrates that he, in fact, still possesses everything from his childhood. Oddly, at no time did anyone mention Star Trek Discovery during this episode . . . that’s coming next week, along with a first look at Nextflix’s Altered Carbon. Remember to vote for the 4th annual JoeCademy Awards at Regularjoes.com. Thanks for listening!

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First up we talk about the newly released trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp, next we cover the, as of yet MIA, trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Then on to a Discovery recap as the newest Star Trek iteration continues to go where no one has gone before. And, somewhere along the line, we work in a round of What’s in the Box. Finally, in our annual effort to recognize those films we love (or dislike) which get little or no recognition from the so-called Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, we present the 2018 nominations for the Joe-Cademy awards. As you might guess if you have listened to our shows since late December this year’s selections are not without controversy. And, because we are not like those other stodgy award shows without actual rules and guidelines, we even work in a few categories beyond the realm of film. Now it’s your turn to weigh in and cast your ballot. Vote at Regularjoes.com. Thanks for listening!

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