Dave, Barry and Tod take their annual look at the shows of the summer season and ponder, what, if anything, was really worth watching. What were the high points, what were the disappointments, and what do they want to see more of.  Also: The Regular Joe's pick some of their favorite stuff, a Robin Williams focused round of Desert Island DVDs and more.

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As the summer movie season winds to a close the Regular Joe's ask the question, can a critically acclaimed comic book, that can't sustain a mass audience, transition to a blockbuster film? If you have not yet seen Guardians of the Galaxy hit pause, watch the film, then come back and listen to the podcast. Ok, and while you're out you'll probably want to pick up a Rocket Raccoon action figure. You will want one.  WARNING this podcast does contain spoilers! It also contains prolonged discussions about green women, a tree man, and a genetically engineered raccoon that kicks butt.  Also: What 's in The Box & Desert Island DVDs.

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It's summer, time to fire up the grill and hang out with your friends. Consider this your (slightly overdue) invitation to the Regular Joe's annual barbecue. Due largely to Dave's irrepressible desire to record everything, this episode presents a never before heard perspective on what Barry, Dave and Tod's wives actually think of the podcast, their collecting, and the time and space requirements of both. Also, Show and Tell, and some Random Topics mostly having to do with ComicCon.  Note: do not go back in the water for half an hour after listening to this podcast.   

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In this episode Dave, Barry and Tod are talking Apes…well, talking about Apes anyway.  They discuss the latest movie in the revitalized Planet of the Apes saga, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes as well as the previous and film in the series, Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  What’s more, the Regular Joes all subjected themselves to a re-watching of the now infamous Tim Burton “Apes” film from 2001 and they try to find something nice to say about it…can they do it, listen and find out.  Also, “What’s in the Box”, its as much fun as a barrel of monkeys, or Apes!

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In this episode Dave, Barry and Tod try a bit of an experiment, lending their insights, encyclopedic knowledge of random facts, and running commentary to the 1976 film Logan's Run. Nearly four decades later does it's chrome and lucite view of the future hold up? Is it the best sci-fi film ever shot in a shopping mall? And, are any of the Regular Joe's capable of maintaining conversation when Jenny Agutter disrobes? Listen and learn.  

Note: this episode is recorded in real time with the film.  If you wish to watch along, cue up your video and listen for the synching instructions following the intro.

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As Tod contemplates moving his stuff into a larger space, the Regular Joes discuss how they display their collections, how that has evolved over time, and what they would do absent any monetary or space restrictions. They also cover some Random Topics, discuss a few items from their collections in “Show and Tell” and pick their favorite movies from 1976 in “Desert Island DVD’s” which also features a guest pick from Sarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Grimes from the Walking Dead.

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Dave goes to Philly, Barry and Dave go to EternalCon and Tod goes to Mars ... sort of. It's a collection of random reminiscences and one Robin related rant. Segments include What’s in the Box and The Long Box.

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In a special episode recorded the last time that Barry, Dave and Tod were in the same room, the Regular Joes take a stab at being producers, pitching sequels they have always wanted to see made. While most follow up films emerge within a few years of the original, our team focus on films and characters they’ve wanted to see resuscitated for decades. Also, Who Would Win in a Fight and a Desert Island DVDs installment devoted to films they should already have picked but had not.

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In an effort to break their streak of epic length episodes the Dave, Barry and Tod forgo their normal format and cover a wide and varying range of random topics. One might call it, "the episode about nothing," but then that's probably appropriate for most week's offerings. This installment also features "What's in the Box" as well as a Friday the 13th edition of "Who Would Win in a Fright."

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In another epic length episode the Regular Joe's expound at length on the Edge of Tomorrow (see it now!) and cover the film career of Tom Cruise as a whole. WARNING this episode contains SPOILERS and occasional bouts of gushing over Tom Cruise. Seriously, at one point the word "man crush" is even dropped. The guys pick their respective favorite and least favorite Tom Cruise films and pit one Tom Cruise character against another in Who Would Win in a Fight. Stay tuned after the sign off. This episode contains our longest outro to date.


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