The Regular Joes get together to talk about trailers and teasers for some of the upcoming films there are most eagerly anticipating. Before you listen be sure to check out trailers for Rogue One, Logan, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Doctor Strange. Also What's in the Box, and Random Topics. Thanks for Listening!!!

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It's Fall, the leaves are changing, the nights are turning cold and the Regular Joes make their annual migration to NYC for the New York ComicCon. They checked out the toys, they checked out the guests, Tod even looked at some comics. Find out where Barry draws the line with Evangeline Lily and who Dave has wood for. All this plus the usual Random Topics. Thanks for listening!

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In this weeks episode The Regular Joe's continue their 50th anniversary quest to "boldly go" to every Star Trek related venue on the east coast. This time around they recount their recent excursion to the Star Trek Experience aboard the USS Intrepid in NYC. Next, Dave seeks out new projects as he explores Makerfaire 2016. The show concludes with a, mostly spoiler free, review of HBOs reimagining of Micheal Crichton's prototype theme park gone rogue Westworld. All this plus the usual Random topics, and the debut of what is clearly soon to be a meme #crystalskulling. Thanks for listening! Oh, and Tod says, "Watch Luke Cage."

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This week Dave, Barry and Tod each added a couple of new action figures to their respective collections. Ok, so yeah, that hardly seems noteworthy, but in this case all three bought the same two figures. Do the long awaited 1/6 scale Kirk and Spock figures from QMx meet expectations? How does this release, only the second time at bat for QMX, stack up to industry standard bearers like Hot Toys? On the 'B-Side' the Rolling Stone rolled out their list of 100 Greatest TV shows of all time. The Regular Joes weigh in on where they agree, disagree, and discuss whether there is even any point, other then selling issues, to trying to define such a list. All this plus the usual Random Topics. Thanks for listening!

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On this episode, Dave, Barry and Tod recap the shows they watched this summer and spend some time opining about the new and returning TV shows they are most looking forward to. Plus, Random Topics, an unplanned all Star Trek What’s in the Box and Dave’s tale about his (sort of) visit to a major Hollywood studio while out in LA. Thanks for Listening!

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Continuing their celebration of 50 years of Trek, the Regular Joes beamed down to Star Trek Mission New York. While there they checked out some panels, scoped out the awesome costumes, scored some autographs, and canvased the sales floor for cool stuff. Along the way they interviewed James Cawley the Trek fan/entrepreneur behind Star Trek New Voyages and the Official Star Trek Set Tour (, Anovos CEO Joe Salcedo (, and Trouble with Tribbles writer David Gerrold. Live long and Prosper!

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50 years to the minute after Star Trek made its broadcast debut the Regular Joe's sat down to watch, and comment on, The Man Trap, the first Trek episode to air. While not the best of the original series, it is certainly not the worst. Wth a menacing monster, several expendable crewman "he's dead Jim", and a casual disregard for the so-called prime directive, the premiere installment effectively sets the stage for much of what would follow. Queue up the episode (available on pretty much every streaming service) and join Barry, Dave, and Tod as they set off with Kirk, Spock and McCoy on the start of a Five Year mission which, 5 decades in, shows no sign of stopping. Live long and prosper!

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Inspired by a ghostly gift that was recently received by all three of the Regular Joes, Dave, Barry and Tod take a look at the world of prop replicas and the companies and individuals who are producing them. Plus a healthy dose of Random Topics, What’s in the box and a somewhat pandering “We Love Fine” edition of Shirt Up. Thanks for listening!

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In a summer dominated by the Olympics, and "he said," "she said," election antics, TV offered few viable avenues of escape. The notable exception is Netflix "Stranger Things" a supernatural adventure/thriller that pushes our 80s buttons in all the right ways. Find out why the Regular Joe's all agree it's the "best new show of the summer" and why, if you have not yet watched, you should. For the benefit those haven't yet tuned in, we try to keep our comments "spoiler light," if not quite "spoiler free." Also, a look at another show that you may not have heard of, and the resuscitation of Desert Island DVD, where we pick favorite "kid adventure" films. Thanks for listening!


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While we were on a brief hiatus Barry made a pilgrimage to see the USS Enterprise, Tod went inside of it and everyone got into Star Trek Continues. Now, safely back on earth, the Regular Joes recount their adventures and throw in the usual sampling of Random Topics and What's in The Box. Thanks for listening!

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