After an excruciating series of setbacks and delays CBS has finally launched Star Trek Discovery, the latest, and most controversial, TV installment in the 51 year old sci-fi Franchise. While there’s no disputing this is very different show than those which proceeded it, is it too much a departure from the Trek we know and love? Longtime fans and reviewers are taking sides, and now the Regular Joes weigh in. How much Klingon is too much Klingon? Does this future version of history look too futuristic? Will CBS find success holding this beloved franchise hostage behind a paywall? And, was it worth the wait? All this plus the usual round of ransom topics. Thanks for Listening!

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We have been threatening to do this for a while, and now it’s finally happened. In this episode we offer up live commentary on what is generally considered to be the worst Trek film in the universe, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Did it improve over time? Could it really be as bad as we remember? Why isn’t Director William Shatner ever actually referred to as “Director William Shatner”? And, of course, why does God need a starship? We answer all these questions, and more. As with our previous live commentary shows there is fair amount of drinking involved. If you plan on rewatching this particular film we strongly suggest doing likewise. Watch responsibly. Thanks for listening!

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The past weekend Fox debuted Seth MacFarland’s The Orville, a show that seems custom tailored for the Regular Joes unique demographic. Or not. The Joes offer their thoughts on the pilot, and hopes for what the show could be.  Next up, Barry, Dave and Tod continue the countdown to Star Trek Discovery by rating the best and worst of the Trek big screen offerings. SPOILER Khan still reigns supreme. The TOS Khan that is. Lastly, we take quick look at some of the offerings in the PropStore Treasures from Film and Television Live Auction on Sept. 26th. With props ranging from the extremely desirable to the esoteric. Also included at no extra cost, the last round of anxious speculation prior to the announcement that JJ ABRAMS will write and direct Episode 9. Thanks for listening!

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Once a week the Regular Joes get together to talk about stuff. This week this statement is even more accurate. In an episode with no clearly apparent theme or direction Barry, Dave and Tod discuss recent announcements regarding the future of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, and in particular, who is in and who is out at the moment. As the Countdown to Star Trek Discovery continues the Joes note their favorite Next Generation Episodes. Also included, at no additional cost, an introspective exploration, and occasionally justification, of “the collector’s dilemma,” just when do you have enough stuff, is there such a thing as enough stuff, and are these three even remotely capable of recognizing either case. This is followed, appropriately, by What’s in the Box, where the guys talk about ... wait for it, more stuff they have recently acquired.  Thanks for listening!

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After 6 seasons of intrigue, random nudity, and graphic acts of violence, Game of Thrones 7th season has taken a abrupt turn toward closure that many long time fans find disconcerting. Find out where the Regular Joes, and special guest Derryl DePriest, come down on the new Westeros order. Also, Dave Boldly Goes to ... Ticonderoga New York and gives a report on his visit to the Star Trek Set Tour. All this plus Random Topics and the Regular Joes Nominee for Douche Baguette of the week. Thanks for listening!

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