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They're into movies, toys and TV shows, comics and collecting and super heroes.  There's no end to the useless stuff they know, but don't call them GEEKS, they're just Regular Joes!

Oct 26, 2018

In a dark alley a stick wielding masked vigilante brutally dispatches a handful of violent criminals. This could be a scene from Daredevil, but it’s not (we will talk about that later.) This is how we are introduced to Robin of DC’s streaming service TITANS in the premiere episode. It’s a decidedly darker take on what was once a junior sidekicks club. In a split decision we are intrigued. Despite having a building dropped on him in last year’s Defenders the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is back, As Marvel’s DAREDEVIL gets a third season on Netflix even as the axe falls on two of its sister shows. Find out if Daredevil is worth the wait. All this plus a goodly scoop of Random Topics, a round of What’s in the Box and a rare occurrence of Shirt Up. Thanks for Listening!