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They're into movies, toys and TV shows, comics and collecting and super heroes.  There's no end to the useless stuff they know, but don't call them GEEKS, they're just Regular Joes!

Feb 23, 2019

So here’s the pitch, eccentric rich dude searches the world for super powered misfits then brings them back to his mansion to train as a superhero team. Sounds like the X-Men, right? Wrong. This week two very similar themed comic-based shows debuted. Doom Patrol on DC’s streaming service and Umbrella Academy on Netflix. To help compare and contrast these shows the Regular Joes bring in Derryl DePriest, noted authority on comics and all things toy related. But first there’s some Random Topics, a round of What’s in the Box and a deep dive into rumors surrounding an Obi Wan Kenobi series on Disney’s impending streaming service. With four hosts on deck It’s like getting 33% more Regular Joes for the same low, low price! Thanks for Listening!