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They're into movies, toys and TV shows, comics and collecting and super heroes.  There's no end to the useless stuff they know, but don't call them GEEKS, they're just Regular Joes!

Jun 7, 2019

For this week’s Episode, Barry, Dave and Tod traveled to the ultra-secret undisclosed location of the Regal Robot / Tom Spina Designs studios (which Tod could not find even with a GPS) to see some amazingly cool stuff they can’t talk about and spend quality time hanging out with maker / props-smiths Tom Spina, Gordon Tarpley and David Woodruff. Inevitably, there is lots of Star Wars talk, which is impossible to avoid when you’re sitting in a room with a life-size, and disturbingly hairless, Chewbacca mannequin, but also Batman and even the odd Star Trek reference. It’s a wide ranging, far flung, free-for-all, as the six friends, old and new, dig deep into the nerd culture that unites as all. So, pull up a chair and join us. Thanks for listening!