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They're into movies, toys and TV shows, comics and collecting and super heroes.  There's no end to the useless stuff they know, but don't call them GEEKS, they're just Regular Joes!

Jan 17, 2020

As the dust settles on The Rise of Skywalker (1 billion dollars worth of dust that is) Barry, Dave and Tod are joined by Regular Joe Derryl DePriest to ponder the question, where does the Star Wars cinematic universe go from here. With the last three films either under preforming, or garnering mixed receptions among critics and and an increasing fractured fan base - what is the path forward? Or is it backward? Should Disney, ”let the past die”? and start from a clean slate? Opinions vary. But it makes for a lively discussion. In this bonus length episode we also work in a round of random topics and let each host chose between, What’s In the Box, Show and Tell, What’s on my Workbench and yes, the long dormant Fun With Flashlights segments. Thanks for listening!