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They're into movies, toys and TV shows, comics and collecting and super heroes.  There's no end to the useless stuff they know, but don't call them GEEKS, they're just Regular Joes!

Oct 28, 2016

With the new crop of fall TV shows ripe for harvest see what the Regular Joe's have chosen as their picks. You may find some of their choices very surprising. Also, learn what returning shows have continued to hold their attention. Hint. A lot of them involve superheroes. Note: this show contains SPOILERS. In particular...

Oct 24, 2016

The Regular Joes get together to talk about trailers and teasers for some of the upcoming films there are most eagerly anticipating. Before you listen be sure to check out trailers for Rogue One, Logan, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Doctor Strange. Also What's in the Box, and Random Topics. Thanks for Listening!!!

Oct 14, 2016

It's Fall, the leaves are changing, the nights are turning cold and the Regular Joes make their annual migration to NYC for the New York ComicCon. They checked out the toys, they checked out the guests, Tod even looked at some comics. Find out where Barry draws the line with Evangeline Lily and who Dave has wood for....

Oct 7, 2016

In this weeks episode The Regular Joe's continue their 50th anniversary quest to "boldly go" to every Star Trek related venue on the east coast. This time around they recount their recent excursion to the Star Trek Experience aboard the USS Intrepid in NYC. Next, Dave seeks out new projects as he explores...