In 1964 Hasbro introduced G.I. Joe, America's Movable Fighting Man, and the Action Figure was born. As fans of G.I. Joe gear up to recognize their plastic hero's golden anniversary, controversy, Joe's frequent companion, one again makes an appearance. Is Hasbro giving Joe his due? Dave, Barry and Tod the Regular Joes are joined by Justin Bell from the What's on Joe Mind podcast to talk it out. Also, a salute to the late great Harold Ramis with movie picks, and another round of Who Would Win in a Fight. Yo Joe!




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With equal measures of awe and admiration the Regular Joes, Barry, Dave and Tod examine the evolving role of women in Science Fiction TV and films. Was Star Trek, with it's space receptionist, really all that forward looking? Or was it Ellen Ripley and Sarah Conner who's similar progressions from victim to bad ass, paved the way for Battlestar Galactica's Starbuck and Fringe's Olivia Dunham. Also What's in the Box, and Desert Island DVD's.   

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Get yourself a bowl of Quisp or Count Choclula and join The Regular Joes for a look back at the Saturday morning  cartoons of the seventies and early eighties. What holds up today, and what seems inexorably tied to its era. Is it just nostalgia or were the cartoons of our youth somehow better than what we have today? And, for that matter, how many of the cartoons we associate with our childhoods are actually the product of an earlier time. All this plus Show and Tell and another round of Who Would Win in a Fight.

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Stockpile your guns and edged weapons, with the balance of The Walking Dead Season Four shuffling ever closer Dave, Barry and Tod discuss their own preparations for a Zombie apocalypse. In keeping with the episode theme the Regular Joes ruminate on the state of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead Comic (while attempting to remain spoiler free,) pick their respective zombie themed Desert Island DVD’s, give away a Walking Dead action figure set and reveal What’s in the Box. Plus a Jonathan Coulton song to close it all out!

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