The wait is over. The last Jedi is here and with it comes no small amount of controversy. Who could have imagined a Star Wars film that cleaned up at the box office, drew unprecedented critical praise, but still seemed to alienate a large share of the hardcore faithful, earning a current 54% score on Rotten Tomatoes? The Regular Joes get together and debrief, breaking down what went right, what went wrong, and where to go from here. Note this episode contains SPOILERS also, rationalizing, some slavish devotion, possibly some Crystal Skulling and at least one harsh comparison between Rian Johnson and Tim Burton. Thanks for listening!

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We have been hitting TV and movies pretty hard of late so for a change of pace this week is the semi-annual episode where three dudes who buy way too much stuff recommend even more stuff you could buy for yourself, or. . . potentially, others. With suggestions ranging from to one dollar to just under a grand, there’s something for everyone on your list, and at least a few things you will want yourself. Thanks for listening!

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Last week the Regular Joe’s traveled to WinterCon in Jamaica NY to see everyone from Blade Runner who is not Harrison Ford, and…well, that was pretty much it. Now that Barry is sort of caught up they share their thoughts on last week’s four way Arrow, Flash, Legends and Supergirl Earth X crossover event. SPOILER it was awesome! This week’s Random Topics include, Tarantino does Trek and Warner/DC wants to stream. Also: What’s in the Box and the obligatory observation that The Last Jedi is just ONE WEEK AWAY! Thanks for listening!

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Now that everyone has had time to catch up on Netflix’s Stranger Things and the CBS All Access original Star Trek Discovery the Regular Joes compare notes on the Sophomore and Freshman seasons of these two shows. One started with a very high bar, and the other had a half-century of hopes, dreams and expectations riding on it. No pressure really. So how did they do?  Also, the Joes react to the freshly dropped trailer for Avengers: Infinity War...Wow! Barry and Tod answer a listener question, and, of course, the usual sampling of Random Topics. Thanks for Listening!

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