With 2 established movie franchises slugging it out for box office revenue the Regular Joes give their take on Godzilla and X-Men Days of Future's Past. How to these new offerings stand up against their predecessors?   With 7 X-films, 30 Godzilla attacks, and, to be kind, less then consistent track records, do these franchises still have appeal? WARNING: this episode contains MAJOR SPOILERS. Also, Random Topics and reflections and remembrances of the late Don Levine.    

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As the 2013-2014 TV season winds to a close Barry, Dave and Tod provide in-depth analysis of what new TV shows made the grade and which failed to deliver. They also talk about what they are looking forward to over the summer, and what sounds promising among the upcoming fall shows.  In the final installment of X-Memories the Joe's review and recap X-Men Origins Wolverine (2009) and X-Men First-Class (2011)  Also: Random Topics and the first, and maybe only, edition of Desert Island TV Series.

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The Amazing Spider-Man II is top dog, or . . . spider at the box office, and Barry, Dave and Tod weigh in on the web-slingers's fifth big screen outing. How does the sequel stand up to its predecessors? And, how does Spider-man, once the brightest Jewel in Marvel's crown, fare in a movie market littered with Marvel’s other properties. Also, various random topics, our third X-Memories installment (X-Men: The Last Stand) and a "Long Box" segment with no mention of superheroes.    

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In a virtual group therapy session for licensed collectable junkies, the Regular Joes discuss their fondness for (and some might say obsession with,) Hot Toys, Master Replicas and similar products. Also, Dave reminisces about the late Bob Hoskins, various random topics, What’s in the Box, and the X2 installment of our ongoing X-Memories movie recap.

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With two successful Star Trek films revitalizing the franchise Barry, Dave and Tod make their respective pitches for Star Trek's return to the small screen. Dave gives a rundown of his recent visit to AwesomeCon, and a recent opportunity to get up close with director John Favreau. With X-Men Days of Future Past drawing near the Joe's discuss X-Men (2000) in the first of a series of revisits to the prior X films. Also listener mail and more!    

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