In a summer dominated by the Olympics, and "he said," "she said," election antics, TV offered few viable avenues of escape. The notable exception is Netflix "Stranger Things" a supernatural adventure/thriller that pushes our 80s buttons in all the right ways. Find out why the Regular Joe's all agree it's the "best new show of the summer" and why, if you have not yet watched, you should. For the benefit those haven't yet tuned in, we try to keep our comments "spoiler light," if not quite "spoiler free." Also, a look at another show that you may not have heard of, and the resuscitation of Desert Island DVD, where we pick favorite "kid adventure" films. Thanks for listening!


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While we were on a brief hiatus Barry made a pilgrimage to see the USS Enterprise, Tod went inside of it and everyone got into Star Trek Continues. Now, safely back on earth, the Regular Joes recount their adventures and throw in the usual sampling of Random Topics and What's in The Box. Thanks for listening!

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Dave just got back from vacation, and Barry is headed off on his. In between the Regular Joes get together to talk about whatever is on their minds. Ok, so that part is no different than any other show. But generally there is (believe it or not) some planning, a theme or, occasionally even an outline. It's an off the cuff, stream of consciousness episode, that more than anything, resembles the pre-show discussion you never get to hear.  Thanks for listening!

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The San Diego ComicCon has come and gone. In an effort to keep up with what was happening at "The World's Premier Entertainment Expo," three of us stayed home and read the Internet while our intrepid field reporter, Derryl DePriest, undertook his annual pilgrimage to San Diego. In addition to highlights of our favorite shows, upcoming films, and collectibles Derryl shares his perspectives on more than thirty years of SDCC attendance. All this plus What's in The Box and Shirt Up! Thanks for listening.

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