It's time to shave your sideburns to a point and pour your self a square glass of Romulan ale as the Regular Joe's pit 1979's Star Trek the Motion Picture against its 1982 sequel Star Trek II the Wrath of Khan In a head-to-head matchup. Why does one hit where the other so obviously misses? Tod explains, yet again why "The Motionless Picture" persists as his example of cinematic disappointment, while Barry makes the case for the director's cut.  All this plus more Trekkie goodness.    

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Summer is officially over and the kids are back to school, which can only mean one thing… no, not's time for TV! This week the Regular Joes discuss the upcoming TV season, the new shows they are excited about and the returning shows they are looking forward to most.  They also share their thoughts on Apples latest iPhone and watch announcements, along with What’s in the Box and a healthy dose of random topics.

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Here at the Regular Joes Podcast, we often talk about our "pre-show" conversations and some of our listeners have asked what actually goes on during the preshow, well...listen to this week’s episode and you will find out, because it pretty much sounds just like this. You might call it “Regular Joes Lite”, 1/2 the structure with that same, bold, Regular Joes flavor!

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Matt Smith is out. Peter Capaldi is in…as the 12th actor (more or less) to assume the role of Doctor Who.  As he begins his tenure Dave, Barry and Tod assess his first outing and weigh in on what companion they would most like to, er…travel with. Along for this adventure is our consultant on all things Whovian, Sean Huxter.  Also: Random topics, What's in the Box and a 1963 centric edition of Desert Island DVDs to commemorate the year of Dr. Who’d premiere.    

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