As the Regular Joes get ready to say goodbye, and good riddance, to 2016 they get together for their annual holiday meet up, reflect on the recent passing of Carrie Fisher, catch up on what they have been watching, and exchange gifts.  Thanks for listening and Happy New Year!

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The first Star Wars stand alone movie hit theaters last week and The Regular Joes were there along with millions of others around the world to see just how those Death Star plans were acquired. Dave, Barry and Tod share their reactions and thoughts about this “Star Wars Story”. WARNING: this podcast contains LOTS of spoilers, so listen at tour own risk. No Bothan’s were harmed during the making of this episode. Thanks for listening!!

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On this week’s episode, while Rogue One anticipation is at a fever pitch, Dave, Barry and Tod dive into HBO’s hit series Westworld. Is this reimagining of a 1970’s cult classic more than simply robots and boobs? Does it ride high in the saddle or go down in a blaze of glory (insert your favorite Old West expression here). Also, Random Topics and Wild Card. As always, thanks for listening!

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After a few topic heavy shows in a row, the Regular Joes decided to mix it up a bit and catch up on some of the things that have been news or noteworthy over the last few weeks. Dave, Barry and Tod discuss Star Trek Discovery casting, Rouge One ticket sales, and a whole lot more….and they throw in a round of What’s In The Box for good measure.   Thanks for listening!

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