It's Toy Fair! that magical time of the year when the Toy Industry descends upon NYC to offer up new objects of desire for children and adult collectors alike. Dave, Barry and Tod review some this year's notables, including items from QMX, Hot Toys and Hasbro, and they reminisce a bit about time spent walking the carpet at the Javits center in years past. Add to this a few Random Topics, and a round of Show and Tell, and we have episode 131. Thanks for Listening!

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On this episode, Dave, Barry start off with some Random Topics and Tod plugs yet another show "The Expanse" he has power watched. After a quick round of Show and Tell, highlighting items from their collections, the Regular Joes address a question that has been on a lot of GI Joe collectors minds these days. What is the future of the GI Joe Collector's Club and the annual GI Joe (JoeCon) convention? The guys share their thoughts and relate what the Club and Joe conventions have meant to them over the years as they speculate on their, as of now, uncertain future.

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On this episode, Dave, Barry and Tod kick it off with Random Topics and then jump into What’s In The Box before announcing the nominees for the 2nd Annual Joe-Cademy Awards. With categories like Best Avenger, Coolest Weapon, Baddest Bad-Ass and more, it’s an awards show with a Regular Joes spin. Listen in to see who gets nominated, then go to and cast your vote. Can Barry keep it together long enough to read the nominees? Listen in to find out!

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