Tod was sick, Barry was grumpy, but nevertheless our stalwart ensemble pressed onward to give you another episode of the Regular Joe’s Podcast. This week we tackle Fall TV. What returning shows are we interested in? What new shows seem promising? And what summer shows caught our interest? In addition to what we watch we delve into how we watch. The TV landscape is undergoing radical changes, as numerous streaming options arise, and Amazon and Netflix break the weekly “must see TV” model, how has how we consume shows changed? But, before we get started with all that, we talk about The Walking Dead’s landmark 100th episode. And why at least one of us will be in no rush to watch the 101st episode. All this plus the usual Random Topics and What’s in the Box. Thanks for Listening!

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Blade Runner 2049 has been met with generally good reviews and smaller than anticipated audiences. Find out why two of the Regular Joes are among those enthusiastic about this long awaited follow up to Ridley Scott’s 1982 classic, and the third…not so much. Does the film stand on its own, or is it a sequel in the truest sense? Can you recreate a world crafted with old school practical effects in the age of CGI? And, how does 2049’s attempt at digital actor replication compare to other recent examples? While this show, shockingly, contains no discussion of Star Trek Discovery, a commensurate amount of time is given to the most recently announced Star Wars film title. WARNING this episode does contain SPOILERS, particularly if you haven’t heard the next “A Star Wars Story” film is named after a plastic beer cup. All this plus What’s in the Box/Show and Tell. Thanks for listening!

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It’s New York ComicCon time again and the Regular Joe’s made their annual trek (some longer than others) to check out the sights, and wade through the largest ComiCon crowd of the year. Find out what they saw, what they brought home, and learn the single most useful tip for getting into the event in a timely manner. All this plus (brief) discussions of the New Star Wars trailer, another week of Barry-less ST Discovery analysis, and the long awaited return of “shirt up.” Thanks for listening!!!

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After a few very narrowly focused shows this week we take some time to get caught up on all the other stuff, including some What’s in the Box and Show and Tell. From the two extremes of creative endeavors, Dave recommends a $3000 tool for hardcore makers and Tod offers a tip that costs virtually nothing to implement. Barry tells how his observed Force Friday, which along with May the fourth, and any Star Wars movie premiere date, are the most revered holy days in his religion. There is the inevitable ongoing follow up discussion on Star Trek Discovery. And lastly, a discussion of two new figures which demonstrate that Hot Toys is as committed to detail as they are to getting all of our money. Thanks for Listening!

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