On this episode, it’s the return of Segment-Palooza!  Dave, Barry and Tod kick it off with some Random Topics, they discuss this past week’s crazy episode of The Walking Dead, then they start their Countdown to Star Wars: The Force Awakens with a discussion of The Phantom Menace.  All that, plus Shirt Up, What’s in the Box and more.

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Star Wars mania is building to a fever pitch with the release of a new Force Awakens trailer, poster and the tickets going on sale. Dave, Barry and Tod break down their thoughts on the new trailer, share their experiences buying tickets and generally geek out with excitement for the film. They also spend some time talking about the Walking Dead and Flash seasons so far.

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This week is all about walking in the Big Apple. First, Dave, Barry and Tod recount their day at New York Comic Con 2015, where they walked miles of aisles, all in the name of consumerism and geekery.   Next, the Regular Joes headed over to the worlds most famous arena, Madison Square Garden for the Walking Dead, Season 6 Fan Premiere. The boys provide a full recap with audio highlights from the event and the star-studded Q&A session following the screening.  Note: this episode contains SPOILERS, but, honestly, if you not yet seen the season 6 premiere it's high time you heard about it.

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The Martian, based on Andy Weir's bestselling novel (and a favorite of The Regular Joes) is in theaters now. If you have not seen it Go Now! If you have seen it, sit back and listen as the RJ Mission Control Team give their take on the most eagerly awaited science fiction film of 2015. Ok . . . So maybe it is the most eagerly awaited Sci Fi film until December!  Does Ridley Scott's interpretation live up to expectations? Can screenwriter Drew Goddard continue to walk on water in Tod's opinion? Is Matt Damon still worthy of Herculean rescue efforts? Answers to these questions plus Random Topics and What's in the Box. Warning this episode contains SPOILERS . . . lots and lots of spoilers.  "The best film you will ever see about a potato farmer on Mars" - The Regular Joes Podcast

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On this episode, Dave, Barry and Tod discuss the results of the recent Prop Store of London Entertainment Auction, plus Dave fills the guys in on his trip to Maker Fair, which resulted in a major upgrade to Dave’s workshop.  Plus, Random Topics, What’s in the Box, Shirt Up and more.

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