It's the show you have all been waiting for, the show where the Kings and Queens are crowned, empires are forged and dreams are born…that’s right, it’s the 1st Annual Joe-Cademy Awards results show!  We have painstakingly tallied your votes and are ready to reveal who will take home the glory, and the “Joey”.  We also announce the winner of our Joe-Cademy awards contest, and one lucky listener will take home a fabulous prize package!  Also, our usual sampling of Random Topics, What's in The Box and much more!

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On this week’s episode, Dave, Barry and Tod serve up a deluxe helping of Random Topics, side orders of Show and Tell, Regular Joe's Picks and Fun with Flashlights, there's barely room for desert - a special Valentine's Day/Romantic Comedies edition of Desert Island DVD's.  It's an episode so filling you hardly even notice that the Regular Joes never really settle on a show theme.

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It's a virtual comic-book, book-club as the Regular Joes gather to discuss 10 recently published 1st issues from DC, IDW, Image and Marvel. Do these "pilot episodes" succeed at setting the hook and capturing the reader's interest? What make a "good 1st issue?" and is there such a thing as a "great first issue?" Also, Dave, Barry and Tod each tell about their respective "firsts."  WARNING: There will be SPOlLERS.  Also: Random topics and a round of Desert Island DVD featuring (non-superhero) films based on comics or graphic novels.

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