With Daredevil pummeling the bad guys in his second season debut on Netflix, Marvel's Agents of Shield back after their winter hiatus, and Agent Peggy Carter wrapping up her sophomore season, Dave, Barry and Tod take time out to assess the state of the Marvel Universe on the small screen. How do the TV versions of the Punisher and Elektra match up with the feature film predecessors? What will it take for Agents of Shield to step out of the shadow of the blockbusters that spawned it? And is the not quite 1947 world of Agent Peggy Carter interesting enough to sustain a third season. All this, plus Show and Tell, the usual round of Random Topics, and, not surprisingly, a Hot Toys Minute that runs considerably longer than 60 seconds. Thanks for listening!

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THE FOLLOWING PODCAST HAS BEEN APPROVED FOR ALL APPROPRIATE AUDIENCES. As we ease into spring Blockbuster season The Regular Joe's turn their attention to trailers and teasers of the films that loom ahead on the horizon.  Tod continues maintain his newfound optimism about Batman v. Superman, Dave predicts Captain America Civil War will be the best comic based film of the year, and Barry admits to having watched the Ghostbusters trailers. This is followed by a discussion of the confirmation of, and general lack of information regarding, Indiana Jones 5. All this plus, What's in the Box and Regular Joe's Picks.

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This week, Dave, Barry and Tod jump right into Random Topics, followed by Whats in the Box and then they try something new, a segment called "I’m looking Forward To" when they discuss some of the movies, books and more that they are most anticipating in the coming months. All this and a whole lot more on this episode of the Regular Joes Podcast!

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This week, Dave, Barry and Tod start off with a discussion of the return of the X-Files and wether it lived up to the best episodes of previous seasons. Then it’s the moment you have all been waiting for, the 2nd Annual Joe-Cademy Awards results! We have painstakingly tallied your votes and are ready to reveal who will take home the glory, and the “Joey”. We also announce the winner of our Joe-Cademy awards contest, and one lucky listener will take home a fabulous prize package. The truth is out there!

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