For the second week in a row two of the Regular Joes got to do cool stuff while the third stayed home. Find out what Tod, and possibly you, missed as Barry and Dave recap the 2016 international G.I. Joe Convention and the Denver ComicCon. SPOILERS there's a whole lot of talk about old Toys and young, attractive, British Women. Somewhere in there are interviews with GI JoeCon honcho Brian Savage, and one of our favorite listeners, Nate Blaine. Also: What's in the Box and Random topics. Thanks for Listening!

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Let the coveting begin! Are you in the market for a screen used X-Wing model? How about Spiderman's costume? One of Indiana Jones' treasures? You could spend a full day reviewing the catalog for the upcoming Profiles in History Auction, or you could let the Regular Joe's do the legwork and hit the high points for you. Find out how they would lay down their mental money, and start spending your own. From the "Life is Unfair" Dept. while Tod was mowing his lawn Dave met a Norse God, and Barry met an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. All this plus a speed round of What's in the Box and the weekly portion of Random topics. Thanks for listening!

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This week X-Men Apocalypse landed with a thud equal to several tons of ferrous metal being ripped out of the ground and dropped from the sky by a once good, then evil, then good again, then evil with justifiable motivation, mutant with magnetic powers. If you can't picture that then you have likely missed most of the X-Men films to date. In a rare case of near total agreement the Regular Joes weigh in with their take on, depending on how you count, the 10th, 6th or 3rd X-Men film in this cycle. Also, The Longbox and a Hot Toys Minute. Warning: this episode contains SPOILERS and a larger than average helping of indifference. Thanks for listening!

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