Regular listeners will not be surprised to find that the Regular Joe's have a lot of stuff. In this episode you are invited into Barry, Dave and Tod's respective inner sanctum's to learn how they chose, or in some cases, struggle to display their respective collections. What are their biggest challenges? How do their display strategies vary? Also, Barry and Tod geek out over a Star Wars rematch that was 18 years in the making, the usual round of Random Topics and What's in The Box. Thanks for listening!

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The Doctor is In. QMX has just released their Dr. Leonard McCoy 1/6 scale "Articulated Figure" and, in a rare moment of consumer consensus, Dave, Barry and Tod each bought one. SPOILER they all liked it. Find out why, as well as what other Star Trek figures and accessories they are hoping to see. Logan is the 10th and most recent entry in the long running FOX X-Men film franchise, and, reportedly, Hugh Jackman's last time portraying Wolverine onscreen. Hear what the Team thinks about the film and the franchise as a whole. While Logan slices up the big screen, Legion, a less overtly X-Men linked series runs on FX. Where do the Regular Joes sit with the show and how does the first X-Men (sort of) related live action TV series compares to some of the other comic based offerings? Listen in to find out.  All this plus the Regular side order of Random Topics. Thanks for listening!

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In the the last few weeks Taken and Time after Time and Training Day were added to a 2016/2017 TV schedule that already included, The Exorcist, Frequency, Lethal Weapon and Westworld. While the practice of adapting films into TV series has been common since the earliest days of the medium the last few years have seen an huge escalation of such projects. Is the TV industry running out of new concepts, or is it simply the ease of selling a known property? The Regular Joes weigh in on this phenomenon, assess what works and what doesn't, preview a staggeringly long list of film to TV projects reportedly in development, and offer their own suggestions for Movies to migrate to the living room. All this plus Random Topics and What's In The Box. Thanks for Listening!

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In a week where (Imagine the voice of voiceover legend Don LaFontaine) the most over produced and expensive award show crashed and burned, Dave, Barry and Tod deliver the Joe-Academy awards on time, and under budget. Find out who won, and unlike those other winner-take-all shows, who came close. But first the Regular Joes salute the late, great Bill Paxton, discussing some of their favorite roles among his wide ranging career. Also, a brief discussion of some of the cool things our remote correspondent Jorge spotted at Toy Fair, or as we think of it…a heads up on where our money will go next year. All this plus Random Topics, and the winner of our Joe-Academy voter give away. Thanks for listening!

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