Tribeca Trifecta – The 2015 Tribeca Film Festival hit New York City in April, and this week, Dave, Barry and Tod recap their experiences at a few of the festival’s most excusive events featuring George Lucas, Christopher and Arnold Schwarzenegger featuring clips from all three events!

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Chewie, We’re Home - On April 16th 2015, just as Star Wars Celebration Anaheim was getting underway, Lucasfilm and Disney dropped the 2nd Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer and nearly broke the Internet in the process.  Dave, Barry and Tod watched it a few dozen times and then started recording.  They break the trailer down scene by scene and share their reactions in this special edition of the Regular Joes Podcast.

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Without Fear  - On April 10th Netflix released DareDevil, the first of its ambitious slate of Marvel based TV series. After one particularly bad 1989 Hulk TV movie, and the Abysmal 2003 Ben Affleck film, find out if Netflix finally gave the devil his due. Note: as, Dave and Barry had only seen the first few episodes (while Tod mainlined all thirteen) spoilers are kept to a minimum. Also, random topics and show and tell.

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The Dead Walk, The Joe’s Talk Pt. 2.  This week, Dave, Barry and Tod kick it off with a healthy dose of Random Topics, and then they pontificate about the latest season of the Walking Dead.  They discuss the characters motivations and the make predictions for in advance of watching the season finale.  Also, Show and Tell and by special request, Fun with Flashlights.

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