The Regular Joes celebrate the first ever “Alien’ Day” by getting together in NYC to watch Aliens with 1500 of their closest friends . . . and 1987 Academy Award nominee Sigourney Weaver. Hear what our pal Sigourney had to say working with Ridley Scott vs. James Cameron, her mixed feelings about high capacity, grenade launching, flame throwing weapons, and what she is looking forward to regarding the future of Ripley and the Alien/Aliens franchise. Also, dumb audience questions, and a sampling of Random Topics. HAPPY ALIEN DAY everyone! May the Xenomorph be with you . . . Ok, clearly that needs work. Thanks for listening!

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Did you hear what JJ Abrams told Chris Rock at the Tribeca film Festival? No? Well fortunately Dave and Barry did. Learn what J.J. shared about Star Wars, Lost and why he loves Tom Cruise nearly as much as Dave. Also, news from CinemaCon, including James Cameron's plans for four, yes, four, Avatar sequels, and why your living room may soon replace the multiplex. All this and more on this week's episode. Thanks for listening!

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Just four moths after The Force Awakens shattered all box office records the trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has arrived refueling the excitement and expectation of Star Wars fans everywhere. More controversially, a New trailer for August release, Suicide Squad brings both more Harley Quinn and a surprisingly large dose of DC's biggest asset. The Regular Joes review these, plus the extras on the just released Force Awakens DVD. Add Random Topics, What's in the Box, a Hot Toys Minute, mix thoroughly and warm over low heat. Thanks for listening!

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Season six of The Walking Dead has concluded with what is likely the most excruciating cliffhanger ever. After months of teasing, Negan has made his entrance with a bang . . . or is it a WHACK! Does Jeffery Dean Morgan's portrayal life up to the character Walking Dead readers know and fear? Other than, inevitably, waiting six months, where do we go from here? You are invited to sit in on the Regular Joe's post finale group therapy session. And be sure to weigh in via the viewer poll at RegularJoes .com. Also, random Topics, Shirt Up and some Long Box perspective on where DC comics is, and should be, going. WARNING this episode contains spoilers from the most recent Walking Dead episode, and a four-year-old comic book

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In the long-awaited superhero matchup of the year, or at least the month of March, Batman v. Superman hit theaters this past week. Critics and fans reactions are widely varied, in this episode the Regular Joe's weigh in. Does Bat–Affleck meet or exceed expectations? Does "Dawn of Justice" provide a stable foundation for Warner Bros. to build their own comic movie empire? And, can a bad interpretation of Lex Luther be overshadowed by an awesome Wonder Woman? Add to this a quick review of the (less polarizing) Supergirl / Flash crossover, the usual Random Topics, a Hot Toys minute, a Batmobile centric round of What's in the Box and you have episode #136. WARNING this episode contains an excess of SPOILERS and table pounding.

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