Captains Log: Release date 072216. Star Trek: Beyond, the long anticipated third installment in the JJ Abrams / Kelvin Universe series of films has finally arrived. I have instructed the Regular Joes to beam down to their local theaters and report back on what they have seen. Captain's Log: Supplemental. This report also includes Random Topics, a round of Star Trek show and Tell, and probably more discussion than is warranted about 60 seconds of CGI footage from Star Trek: Discovery. RED ALERT this episode contains SPOILERS and a lengthy tirade about consistency in the design of make believe space ships.

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It's the 150th episode, and not unlike the previous 149, it's just a few friends hanging out and talking about the stuff they like. For this episode the circle expands to include Derryl DePriest, uber collector and the mutual friend who first introduced the RJ crew. After a round of What's in the Box, including the unboxing of a 60's era holy grail, the Joes weigh in or a series of randomly selected questions covering the evolution and scope of their interests over the previous three years. "The movie you most wish you had not seen a SECOND time?" "Your favorite film by Dave’s least favorite director" "The show/film I always recommend that no one has ever seen" etc, etc. Some of the answers are surprising, some . . . not so much. SPOILER. They all still love Logan's Run. Thanks for listening!!!

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On this episode, it’s the return of Segment-Palooza as Dave, Barry and Tod go deep to bring back a few older segments like Desert Island DVDs and Fun with Flashlights. The guys also discuss the results from the recent Profiles in History Hollywood Memorabilia Auction, & Dave and Tod review the new Star Trek Communicator replica from The Wand Company. All that plus Random Topics and a Hot Toys Minute. It’s a jam packed show full of Regular Joes goodness! Thanks for listening.

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With the regular TV season now behind us the Regular Joes take a last look at the shows of 2015-2016. With so many promising new series, which held their interest, and which did not? How did their returning favorites fare? And, with so many comic book based shows, how long before that particular well runs dry? All this plus shock and awe over the Game of Thrones wrap up, and the usual helping of Random Topics. Thanks for listening!

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