After a troubled history of changes in direction, directors, and significant reshoots, Justice League opened last week to an underwhelming critical and audience reception. After a series of misses DC needed to prove the success of Wonder Woman was not a fluke. Did that happen? The Regular Joe’s put Justice League under the microscope examining the good, more than you might think, the bad, there’s a lot of that too, and where does this trouble franchise go from here? Also, Barry and Dave get intimate with Robbie the Robot. Henceforth, known as “the most expensive film prop ever sold at auction.” They see other stuff too. Check out the companion gallery at  All this plus What’s in the box in our Thanksgiving eve edition of The Regular Joes Podcast. Thanks for listening!

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For the fifth year running the Regular Joe’s set up their mobile studio in the Omni Providence Hotel lobby to record live from the Rhode Island ComicCon. In the past this impromptu talk show has yielded some great interviews, but not have compared with this year’s slate of drop ins. Including lengthy conversations with JASON ISAACS of STAR TREK DISCOVERY, HARRY POTTER, STAR WARS: REBELS and The OA, SAM JONES and MELODY ANDERSON of cult classic FLASH GORDON and fan favorite convention guest The GREEN POWER RANGER JASON DAVID FRANK. Special thanks to bumped guests Derryl DePriest and Sean Huxter. We’ll book you guys again real soon. We promise. Check out our RI ComicCon Gallery at Thanks for Listening!

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Thor Ragnarok is in theaters shattering box office expectations and hammers. It’s the Thunder God‘s third big screen outing, and Marvel Studios 17th film overall, however this time around it’s a very different kind of superhero film. While Ragnarok is mostly pleasing audiences, and even garnering some critical praise, many hard-core Thor fans are not happy with this version of their hero. Find out what the Regular Joe’s think, where they come down on this new direction, and how they they rank this film against the Son of Odin’s prior outings. WARNING this episode contains SPOILERS All this plus the usual Random Topics and What’s in the Box. Thanks for listening!

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None of us have finished Stranger Things, and Thor: Ragnorok is not out yet, but we still found plenty to talk about on All Hallows’ Eve. First up, a triple helping of Random Topics, then, a Hot Toys Minute (seriously, has it ever been a minute) covering the long awaited Aliens: Ripley figure, and Star Wars Rogue One’s Jyn Urso. There’s a fledgling attempt to resurrect, our old, Who Would Win in Fight segment. Then it’s time for What’s in the Box, where Tod has Gwyneth Paltrow’s head, and body, in a carton. Lastly, we find time to catch up on week 7 of Star Trek: Discovery. Thanks for listening!

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