On this episode, Dave, Barry and Tod discuss a number of things that are taking lace this year in celebration of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, including an exhibit and convention in NY, and the release of the long anticipated movie Star Trek Beyond as well some speculation about the new TV series that will debut next year. It’s a ton of Trek Talk, plus, Show and Tell, Random Topics and more.

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Superhero films are a mixed bag. Perhaps nothing illustrates this better than the contrast between Fantastic Four (2015) and Deadpool (2016), the two most recent Marvel Comic based films developed outside of Marvel Studios. Why did one film become a runaway success while the other a very expensive failure? Is it good decision making by the respective producers, writers and directors? Or is just possible that some properties just can’t make the transition to live action successfully? Opinions vary. Note: this episode contains SPOILERS . . . for two films released months ago. Also: Random Topics and What’s in the Box. Thanks for listening.

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Whether you're aligned with team Cap or find yourself in step with team Tony, there is no debate that Captain America, Civil War has started off the 2016 summer blockbuster season with a bang . . . and also lot of crashing, blasting, and expensive things getting destroyed. In the wake of another recent, less well received, superhero match up how is it that Marvel so decisively delivers? In other news, Ant-Man grows on us, Spider Man steals the show and Aunt May is oddly hot. Warning: this episode contains SPOILERS, additional Super Hero Mom references, and more universal adoration than any episode since . . . well, maybe the previous Cap film. Thanks for Listening!

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Despite Tod's having clearly taken way too much NyQuil The Regular Joe's ignored the warnings about operating complicated machinery and recorded this weeks episode anyway. With Random Topics, What's in the Box, a Hot Toys Minute, including Barry's review of the HT Star Wars Leia figure, and lastly, the twice postponed debut of our WATCH THIS segment where one of the guys inflicts something he likes on the other two, it's a Regular Joes Segmentapalooza! Note: any disparaging remarks about the appearance of any persons living or dead are purely for entertainment purposes and do not reflect the opinions of ALL the Regular Joes.

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