Netflix has just released Marvel’s The Defenders and the Regular Joe's discuss the series strengths and challenges in a mostly spoiler free way. Next, counting down to the September 24 release of Star Trek Discovery the Joes pick their second favorite Original Series episode. Also Random Topics and round two of "If You Could" wherein Barry gives us the choice of witnessing any event in history. Thanks for Listening!

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In this episode we revisit three films that should have excited us, but barely registered a blip on our collective radar. With Alien: Covenant, Kong Skull Island, and Ghost in the Shell available on disc and to stream the Regular Joes take a second look. How do the franchise films measure up to their predecessors? How does the live action adaptation stack up to the anime that spawned it? Which of these films finds Barry and Tod on polar opposite ends of the like/dislike spectrum? Also, French Director Luc Besson is having a tough summer. First Valerian: City of a Thousand Planets was a critical and commercial failure, and this week he secured a position on Dave's "list." Find out why. All this plus Random Topics and a brand new segment called “If You Could.” Thanks for listening!

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This is it! More than four years in the making, the stupendous, the amazing, the mind-blowingly awesome 200th (or there abouts) episode of the Regular Joe’s Podcast! OK. To be honest, what you’re really getting is a whole lot like the last 199 episodes. Good friends getting together to talk about and share the stuff they enjoy with each other and you. For this bicentennial episode Barry Dave and Tod are joined by their good friend Derryl DePriest. The four cover a wide range of topics, most of which came from you, our listeners. Well many of these questions and topics may sound familiar some of the answers will surprise you, as they did each of us. Thanks for listening!

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