In a show about nothing in particular the Regular Joes get caught up on a back log of Random Topics, resurrect the Shirt Up segment, and deal a Wild Card round of What's in the Box, RJ Picks, and Show and Tell offerings. Learn what Barry's favorite song is, find out what the three of them would rather be doing, and hear Tod's counter theory on the much pondered parentage of a certain Star War character. Remember, voting for the Joe-cademy Awards ends this week. Thanks for listening!

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Dave says we're talking too much about TV shows. He's probably right. This week the Regular Joe's discuss another favorite topic, Prop Replicas. Find out which items are their favorites, what would they most like to see from manufacturers such as QMX, The Wand Company, Anovos and . . . Yes, Hasbro. Learn which home built projects they (meaning Dave) are contemplating, what would Tod grab in event of a fire, and what does Barry own too many of to carry. All this plus Random Topics and a round of What's in the Box. Thanks for listening . . . And, hey, don't touch that. It's expensive.

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The Regular Joe's have a TV problem. There are simply too many shows and too little time. This week Barry Dave and Tod dive deep into their extensive watch lists to talk about their perennial favorites, recent additions, shows that no longer make the cut, as well as which new mid season offerings will likely get added to the mix. SPOILER they watch a $&@#% load of TV.  Plus: Random topics, including a real time donation to Felicity Jones' retirement fund, and What's in the Box/Show and Tell. Thanks for listening . . . and remember to vote in the annual Joe-cademy Awards Poll @

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This is it. All those hours you spent in 2016 watching Superhero, Sci-fi and Fantasy films is about to pay off. Yes, it's time for the third annual Joe-cademy Awards! While in most awards shows the suspense is about who gets nominations, and who takes home the statues, ours hangs on whether on not three guys can make it through reading a list. But first the Regular Joes catch up on recent news about the future of the D.C. film franchise and the first promising update from the set of Star Trek Discovery. All this plus a round of Wildcard picks and some last thoughts about Disney's position on our Princess and digital resurrection. Thanks for listening . . . and remember to cast your vote at

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