Fall TV Preview: Following up on last week’s Summer TV series wrap up, Dave, Barry and Tod run down the fall TV line up of new series and returning favorites.  Also, Random Topics, Show and Tell and Shirt Up.

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Summer TV - As we run out the clock on Summer 2015 the Regular Joes recap, review and ruminate over the season's TV shows. With a slate of programs that included a show called Humans, that was about robots, and a show called Mr. Robot, about humans, what was worth watching? Did the final chapters of Falling Skies and Under the Dome bring closure? Did the sophomore season of The Last Ship float or founder? Does Fear the Walking Dead, easily the most anticipated summer show, measure up to its progenitor? Answers to all these questions, plus the usual helping of random topics, What’s in the Box, Shirt Up and Regular Joes Picks.  Warning: this episode contains SPOILERS, and may result in binge watching, water cooler conversations or obsessive IMDB referencing. Consult your doctor as needed

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On this episode, the Dave, Barry and Tod discuss the upcoming Prop Store of London’s Entertainment Memorabilia live auction and the amazing one of a kind items that will be on the auction block.  Also , What’s in the Box and a round of Random Topics including discussion of the recent Star Wars Force Friday merchandising blitz.    

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Endless Vacation - Having survived assorted subterranean adventures, random acts of cosplay, and a Speedo only pool, the Regular Joes are back from their vacation hiatus and ready to pick up where they left off. There's a particularly rambling round of Random Topics, an uncharacteristically brief Hot Toys "Minute," Shirt Up and What's in the Box, as Dave, Barry and Tod update each other, and you, on what they've been doing the last few weeks.  Also in this episode we learn that Barry (previously regarded as the responsible one) lacks the ability to recognize and adhere to self-imposed limits. Can an intervention be far behind?

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