This week, it’s a GI Joe heavy episode of the Regular Joes Podcast as Dave, Barry and Tod welcome special guest and long time friend Steve Stovall to the show.  Steve fills the guys in on his latest project, and he also talks about attending the recent Joe-Lanta convention. All this, plus Random Topics, What’s in the Box, Desert Island DVD’s and more. 

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On this week’s “Random Topic” heavy episode, Dave, Barry and Tod discuss the latest Star Wars reveals, from the name of the first stand alone Star Wars movie to the Episode 8 release date.  Plus, the buzz around the Apple watch, the 007 Easter egg in the Tesla Model S and much more.  Also, What’s in the Box and Regular Joes Picks.

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In Memory of Leonard Nimoy.  This week, Dave Barry and Tod pay tribute to Leonard Nimoy by reflecting on his life and his career.  They talk about what he meant to each of them and the impact he had not inly on Star Trek, but on TV, movies, Sci-Fi and more.  All this plus a healthy does of Random Topics, What’s in the Box and more.

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Birdman and Birthdays.  This week, the regular Joes discuss their recent viewing of the Academy Award winning film Birdman…did they love it or hate it?  You’ll need to listen to know for sure, plus Tod and Barry help Dave celebrate a milestone of a birthday with a surprise “What’s in the Box” birthday present.  All this, plus random topics and more, and stay tuned all the way to the end to hear some special Birthday messages from members of the Regular Joes extended family. 

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