The Regular Joes use this week's episode to catch up on accumulated Random Topics, including their thoughts on director Ron Howard (Apollo 13) taking the pilot seat for the Han Solo film. They offer up an RJ Pick, sharing something that is useful, particularly if you are 60's era Batman. Revisiting Desert Island DVD, they choose Films with a toy association, some of which may surprise you. There's a round of What's in The Box, and, despite Dave's philosophical objection to making plans or setting goals, they briefly discuss what they hope to accomplish in the second half of 2017. Yes, it's a Wheel of Segments.  Thanks for playing…er, listening!

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Considering this podcast was founded over a love of toy collecting, it’s been a while since we devoted an entire episode to toys, but in this episode we do. First up we check in on the status of Hot Toys. Which upcoming offerings hold the most interest, what we've been waiting for seemingly forever, and which figures Barry has just added to his legion of Stormtroopers. On the B side Tod gives an update on his visit to GI Joe Con 2017 in Orlando including some info from his Adventure Team design history panel with Derryl DePriest. All this plus a marathon round of Random Topics and What's in The Box. Thanks for listening!

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On this week's episode, Dave, Barry and Tod discuss auctions, more precisely prop actions such as the currently running Profiles in History auction. Dave offers some advice from personal experience and everyone gives their "cost is no option, bidding list." But first the Joes remember sixties icon Adam West, his defining role as Batman, and how he made a career of playing a version of his public persona. All this plus an unusually shared list of random topics. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel, thanks for listening!

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Got it in Four. With the release of Wonder Woman the DC cinematic universe finally has a film that is a hit with fans, critics, and legions of little girls everywhere. As the first big budget superhero film to feature a female lead, and the largest opening ever for a film directed by a woman, Wonder Woman has already made history, now we find out where Barry, Dave and Tod come down on it. Does it bear too much similarity to a certain other film within the genre? How does this cinematic incarnation of WW hold up to her four-color origins? And does this make any of them even slightly less apprehensive about the upcoming Justice League? The Joes also take time out to revisit the previous, often obscure, small screen interpretations of the Amazon princess, from 1967, 1974, 1975 and 2011. All this plus Random Topics, What's in the Box, and the winner of Dave's custom Star Trek prop give away. Thanks for listening.

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On this episode, Dave, Barry and Tod say a fond farewell to Sir Roger Moore and discuss their favorite Moore era Bond films, then Dave and Barry interview Tom Spina, of Tom Spina Designs and Regal Robot. Tom talks about some of the many projects he has worked on, how he got started and his love for all things Star Was Cantina, plus much more. It’s an exclusive in-depth interview with a master of his craft and one that we are sure you will enjoy. All this, plus Barry’s thoughts on Alien Covenant. As always, thanks for listening!

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