The regular Joe's don't often drink, but when they do it can be fun to listen to.  So grab your drink of choice and ring in the New Year Regular Joes style as Dave, Barry and Tod indulge in a few cocktails and rundown their favorite shows, movies, music and more from the geek-tacular year that was 2014.

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The holiday season is in full swing, and on this episode the Regular Joes serve up some great gift ideas for all the good little fanboys and girls in your life. Dave, Barry and Tod recommend some of their favorite products and  geeky shopping spots, along with a Santa sack full of random topics and more as they prepare to celebrate the holidays Regular Joes style. Note - This is a good episode to play for your friends and loved ones so they know what to buy you this holiday season! 

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Still groggy from their Thanksgiving induced food comas, the Regular Joes awoke on Black Friday to the YouTube release of the most anticipated movie teaser of all time, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Having collectively viewed it a few hundred times, Dave, Barry and Tod do a scene-by-scene breakdown of all 88 seconds worth of awesome. Also, some random topics, including a round of “Which Harrison Ford movie sequel comes next” and a Star Wars edition of Show and Tell.

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