One of the traditional early signs of spring is the blooming of the summer blockbuster season movie trailers. With new previews for Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, Justice League, Spider-Man Homecoming, Wonder Woman, ambitious contender DC and reigning champion Marvel Studios get ready to slug it out for the big screen payday. Other Franchise offerings include War for the Planet of the Apes, Alien: Covenant and the Mummy. Also of interest is the Charlize Theron film Atomic Blonde . . . which you really, really need to see. Find out which films the Regular Joes are most looking forward to, how the concept of trailers has changed in the age of viral marketing, and lastly, we ask, can a trailer reveal to much? Also, on the film theme, last week Dave and Tod give a quick recap of a recent Tribeca Film Festival Director's Series Talk where they spent an hour and a half up close and personal Scarlett Johansson. . . oh, Iron Man director Jon Favreau was there too. All this plus Random Topics. Thanks for listening!

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If you missed your weekly dose of Regular Joe's last week you were not alone. While Tod wallowed at home in a pool of his own self-pity Barry and Dave whooped it up at Star Wars celebration in sunny Orlando Florida. Hear about the sites, the panels, the merchandise, and costumes you, and Tod missed at historic Star Wars 40th anniversary event. Also, the usual Random Topics and the near weekly fretting over Star Trek Discovery. For the full interactive experience check out the companion gallery in the OTHER STUFF tab on Thanks for listening!

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After a brutal premiere episode that left Tod, as well as a huge swaths of the shows audience, walking away, The Regular Joes catch up with The Walking Dead as season seven wraps up. Did the show redeem itself? Can it? What do we think lies ahead in season eight. Also, as Dave, who may still read it someday, covers his ears, Barry and Tod catch up on The Walking Dead comic. And, once again we ask, is there any reason to watch Fear the Walking Dead? All this plus Show and tell, and the usual side order of Random Topics. Thanks for listening!

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