On this episode, Dave, Barry, and Tod talk about the big Marvel Phase 3 movie announcement, tell some real-life ghost stories and they recount their recent trip to the Chiller Theater convention in Parsippany NJ, including interviews with actors Jenette Goldstein and Mark Rolston, who played Pvt. Vasquez and Pvt. Drake in Aliens.  All this, plus Show and Tell and a Halloween themed edition of Desert Island DVD’s.    

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On this episode, Dave, Barry, and Tod CON-verge in NYC and spend the day scoping out the 2014 New York Comic Con. Find out what the Regular Joes saw, bought and thought of what is now the most highly attended of the ComicCons.  Among the highlights, Tod actually buys a comic, Barry checks Dr. Crusher off his list, and Dave goes home with Darth Vader. No judgments!    

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This week Disney told the story of a nimble young street thief who stumbles upon a powerful artifact which forever changes his destiny. No, it was not a rerun of Aladdin. It's Star Wars: Rebels, Disney's first foray into a Galaxy far far away.  How does Rebels stand up against the late, lamented, Clone Wars series? With many familiar elements (possibly too many) will this be the gateway drug for a new generation of Star Wars addicts?  Also, a random look at fall shows to date, What's In The Box and The 1977 edition of Desert Island DVDs.  It’s more fun than bullseying wamp rats with your T-16 in beggars canyon!   

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On this episode of the Regular Joes Podcast, Dave talks about his trip to Maker Faire which prompts a discussion of the Regular Joe's creative endeavors in various areas beyond their day jobs.  Also, What's in the Box and more    

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